Ayurvedic drugs have been taken for thousands of the years mostly in India. Ayurvedic medicines – Aushadha have both approached a preventive and curative.

Preventive medicines – This approach seeks to create and maintain health and longitivity within the individuals it emphasize defining each persons prakruti ( Body type constitution ) and creating daily and periodic regimen to support that prakruti and keep it in balance. These health routines focus on everything from diet and exercise to herbal therapies, massage, meditation, social behavior and positive relationship.

Curative medicines – These treatments seek to heal an illness which may be achieved by following approaches.

Internal measures – Including shodhan (internal detoxification) and shaman (Methods use to improve quality of life via pallative care)

External Measures - Including snehan (Oil treatment), swedana (Herbal steam therapy) and use herbal paste.

Mental and spiritual therapies called Daivya treatment.

Herbal measures including Rasashastra (the use of various herbs and traced metal formulation).

Myths and Facts about Ayurvedic medicines –

Ayurvedic medicines take a long time to cure?

Answer - Disease is a process which takes a time to come. It does not appear in a day so time taken to cure depends on how much imbalance patient is carrying and from how long. (Time taken by Ayurvedic medicine to act in a body is between 20-25 minutes only)

Ayurveda Helps only in chronic diseases?

Answer - Ayurveda undoubtly does wonder for chronic diseases but it equally effective on acute problems like cold, fever, headache and gynecological disorders. Ayurveda not only stops these symptoms but when followed for a little longer will boost one system and will avoid these diseases from reoccurrence.

Ayurveda medicines are costly?

Answer - Ayurveda treatment or medicines when compared to any hospital stay with bill of medicines, investigations will come out to be cheaper. Cost of medicine is always depends on its ingredients. Bonus is Ayurveda tells you the preventive and rejunavative aspects which are far better and cheaper than cure. No other science focuses so much on rejunuvation.

Ayurveda only has a massage therapy?

Answer - Ayurveda does not have only massage, it is complete tree of life having branches of diet, lifestyle and treatment. Massage is a flower which spreads fragrance and color.

Advantages of Ayurvedic medicines –

An Ayurvedic medicine tends to be more effective for long standing health compliance without any side effects.